Hey Ladies!

Welcome to the “28 Day No Fast Food Challenge!”. This challenge will begin on May 6th.

Are you ready to reset your mind and body in 28 days? Join me for the “28 Day No Fast-Food Challenge.” Together we will bring mindfulness around what we put into our bodies and discover how the foods we eat affect how we feel. This challenge is perfect for those of you on your health/weight loss and fitness journeys.

What is the “28 Day No Fast Food” Challenge?

The “28 Day No Fast Food Challenge!” is an approach to health and wellness that promotes mindful eating, body awareness, and sustainable habits. Frequent eating of highly processed foods has been linked to inflammation, bloating, weight gain, high blood pressure, and heart disease. This 28 Day Reset can help you discover how highly processed foods might be impacting your health, mood, energy levels, and weight loss results. Ultimately, this 28 Day reset will leave you equipped with the knowledge to make better decisions that are in alignment with your health and fitness goals to facilitate a healthier and a more confident you.

Guidelines for the 28 Day No Fast Food Challenge:

  • At Home Meal Preparation: The main goal is to eat and prepare healthy meals at home. I highly recommend prioritizing whole foods and minimizing highly processed foods whenever possible. We aren’t depriving ourselves, but we are eating healthier options. You can find lots of meal prep ideas and healthy recipes on social media platforms like Youtube and Pinterest.
  • Prioritize Protein/Fiber: Learn how eating enough protein and fiber daily can keep you fuller and satiated for longer. Eating a high protein and fiber diet can improve energy levels, decrease frequent hunger, and support weight loss in a sustainable way. We are aiming for 20-30 grams of protein at each meal and 25 grams of fiber a day. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated.
  • Weekly Journal: Let’s bring mindfulness to how our food choices affect how we feel and learn more about our eating habits. Create a weekly journal entry about how your body feels, your energy levels, and mood based on the foods you ate for the week.

What to do if you go off track?

There is no need to beat yourself up or go down the path of self-sabotage. This is called a challenge for a reason so give yourself some grace. If you get off track simply acknowledge that you went off track, hold yourself accountable, and make the decision to stay on track moving forward.

Why Join?

  • Transform Your Body & Mind: See visible results, decrease inflammation, and feel a profound shift in your mindset towards health and wellness.
  • Body Awareness: Listen to your body and give it more of what it wants and needs. Get more in tune with your body’s hunger and fullness cues by eating more of the foods your body responds well to and reducing the foods it doesn’t.
  • Greater Mental Clarity: Stabilize your mood, increase your energy levels, and feel good.
  • Integration: Take back your control and learn how to better reintroduce fast food in moderation with the knowledge you discover on this challenge.

What You’ll Get

  • Free Habit Tracker to monitor your progress and celebrate your achievements. (download in the link below)

How to Join

Ready to embark on this wellness reset challenge?

  1. Download and Print the Habit Tracker (Click Here)
  2. Tag me @kamoyafarray on Instagram to share your progress.

The challenge will begin on May 6th and end on June 3rd, but the journey towards a healthier, happier you begin the moment you decide to join.

Are you in? Tag Me on Instagram if you are joining this challenge.

 Let’s thrive together!

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